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African Zebra Skins





Zebra Rugs From Kottlers Online
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for a Unfelted Zebra Pelt.
Our motto has always been, “One gets for what one pays for” and that is why we are still in business after 119 years

Every skin sent carries the Kottlers Guarantee!

Springbok Skin Cushions
Now Just $112 each!!

Blue Wildebeest and Kudu pelts also available

...as well as Extra-Extra Large Namibian Springbok Rugs

African Springbok Skins

We have been around for more than 118 years, so we can afford to be fussy about getting only top quality..

These magnificent TROPHY GRADE Zebra Hides are cleanly tanned at a Tannery based in South Africa. This means that the underside is light beige and the whole skin is very soft. The stripes are wide and the coat is glossy - and we regard them as some of the finest quality pelts in the world!

This is what some of our customers had to say:

"I have my Zebbie under my white Grand Piano. It is always the talking point whenever I host parties!"

- Mrs Ziegler Aspen Falls

My dad bought a skin from your establishment when I was eight years old and it is still looking good 20 some years later...

Marcel  Ontario CA

The Zebra arrived safely with the minimum of fuss. I am most satisfied.

Aline  Brazil

Thank you, the Zebra skin arrived  without problems. I am most satisfied - Headrick USA

Wow, what a skin! It arrived in Sydney ok in only a couple of days. My friend now wants one as well - Peter Australia